Friday, July 12, 2013

New Book - 'The Blacksmith's Daughter'

Again, counter to thoughts that my fingers are idol, the Erotic Book Network has just released a new effort... 'The Blacksmith's Daughter'.

Male Dominant, female submissive with some Female Dominant interaction. One of my favorite characters returns, the kindly sadist Dr. Winthrop Samuels, from the 'Suspension Bondage' story. This is not a sequel, the story stands on its own. Dr. Samuels once again condescends to assist a forlorn masochist better understand her needs.

From the Erotic Book Network (though I may have written this, can't recall)...

Dr. Samuels plies his craft with zeal, determined to assuage the needs of the Blacksmith’s Daughter, her deep inner quest for the gothic bondage of iron... black and crude... found to be unending. 

Not a sequel, but for the readers who enjoyed the erudite Dr. Winthrop Samuels, aloof and exacting in his ‘care’ of Sunny Sudenskaya, this second tale is sure to enthuse. 

Bondage, sodomy, caning, incredibly bizarre restraints, will the Blacksmith’s Daughter ever be freed? Aficionados of Chris Bellows think not.

Sorry, no snippets or teasers to be offered, the likes of Apple and Amazon do not permit, and such are the 500 pound gorillas of the publishing world. So you will just have to take my word, it's a good effort, and if you enjoyed 'Suspension Bondage', 'The Blacksmith's Daughter' will bring equivalent joy.

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