Saturday, July 20, 2013


Since you readers presumably enjoy smut... quality smut... you should be aware that one of the most respected companies in the U.S. (according to various business publications), engages in censorship.


Amazing to think that what made Amazon (yes, I will name them) so unique and spurred incredibly rapid growth, with the click of the mouse offering the consumer anything and everything quickly and at reasonable cost, will be their undoing (in my opinion).

They now offer anything and everything as long as it conforms to what they think you should be reading. 

So, as Fiona suggests in the referenced blog, don't let Amazon be your only source for quality smut. There are other outlets. And I have never yet been contacted by Lulu or Smashwords concerning my stuff published there, which as you are well aware often encroaches on the taboo genres of erotica (underage, incest, bestiality).  

Comments anyone?


Suzanne said...

Hi Chris,

Long time since I've commented but know that I still enjoy your stuff.

I can share writers' frustration with this vague policy, but like any other retailer or other commercial enterprise, they do reserve the right to sell what they want or buy from whom they please. It's hypocritical though, since there are obvious inconsistencies driven by finances.

By the same token we the consumers (especially the kinky ones who no doubt make up a small portion of their sales unfortunately) have the right to shop elsewhere.

Just my two cents.


Giles English said...

This happened to me too - ironically with "The Chastity Belt" a book that Pink Flamingo used to publish. They wouldn't give me any clue as to what I had violated. Oddly, they left another book up called, "Sex Slave of the Lesbian Flappers."

Chris Bellows said...


Thank you for the input.

Ironically one would think that a book promoting chastity would be more than acceptable to the prudes.

But I suspect the method of selection is by computer program and based on key words. (Amazon employees paid to read? I think not.)

Such a notion brings Orwellian concerns, does it not?.. our available reading selection chosen by machine?

Suzanne is correct... they have the right to sell what they want... it's the hypocrisy that troubles.


Giles English said...

Two alternatives come to mind:

1. They want to be seen to curate their erotica collection, so have staff who are told "go kill ten books".

2. There are staff who have absolutely now idea what they are doing.

Regarding my book - it is true that nobody has penis in vagina sex during the entire story...