Saturday, March 2, 2013

Midnight - Segment VII

The Reunion Ends

“Yes, of course you will be stretched. I’ll want your lips at your knees,” noting that my words strangely bring comfort.

“And I’ll want your clitoral ring fettered. Your former owner removed the chains?”

“Yes, sir. She wanted all pleasure denied.”

Mother deviously not only had Midnight’s clitoral hood removed and her enlarged bud ringed but she also attached very fine jewelry chains of silver, securing such to piercings right and left at the hip. This resulted in a very decorative presentation, scintillating strips of metal against coal black skin with Midnight joyously jostling her pearl with each step. By the end of every run, vaginal juices would be flowing down her inner thighs... leaving her in great need... relief not to be offered.

The chains also brought attention to her sex... that someone of authority capriciously decided to have the genitalia modified.

Time of the essence, I right my moist manhood and zip up, normally a poignant post fellatio task left for Midnight’s teeth. Next I reach forth and press the bit into her mouth. Midnight appears disappointed as I position the bridle and buckle in place.

“Remember that Victoria thinks you have been surgically silenced. It is probably best that she not know otherwise.”

Midnight nods. I mount. Crop now in left hand, I pull the reins and swing to apply an equally stinging stroke to the long left nipple.


Cropping a girl while in the glow of sexual climax can be heady stuff. I thus tap the buttocks and gaze in wonderment at the long flopping labia which I will endeavor to stretch even further. And I also reflect on the reaction of son Douglas when I offer a similar anatomy lecture to that bestowed on me many years ago. I think Douglas will enjoy milking a girl’s labia. And knowing Midnight’s penchant for the taste of male seed, Victoria will find the bed sheets to be much more presentable.

Within minutes the stable is in sight and I see Victoria standing in wait arms akimbo. She smirks... a marital thing when a good time is attained by one spouse without the other. But her time will come, Midnight’s enormous well rounded buttocks to offer double duty... laboring to propel me about the farm... clenching in excruciating agony as Victoria does her thing. 

“She meets with your approval?” Victoria inquires as I dismount.

“Well trained, enjoys being run. If she can fulfill your needs I think it’s a go.”

“The auctioneer says you already purchased her.”

She’s got me. I shrug, my hand caught in the cookie jar.


ez_cat said...

Hi Chris,

This weekly drips are a torture. Is the completed available for sale?

Chris Bellows said...

Ez Cat,

Sorry you find annoyance. Just trying to entertain as always.

The manuscript is not completed and I have had to tend to other things over the last few weeks. But I'll get back to it.

Meanwhile if I am not offering weekly snippets here on the blog, what do I post?