Saturday, March 30, 2013

Midnight - Segment XI

Opening Midnight

Having explained the external female genitalia, making sure young Douglas is aware of all erogenous areas, I return to the trusty chest of drawers remaining stocked with so many of the tools of Mother’s avocation.

Lots of restraints, straps, clips, clamps, a wide range of weights for nipples and labia, I select a speculum and grab a flashlight from the wall.

“More parts, Douglas. The female form is marvelously complicated... many ways to make a girl feel good, to suffer, and in general manifest control and ownership.”

I am amused to think that for the first time since achieving puberty, Douglas truly listens to the patriarch of the family. With hormones surging, I ignore the bulge in his trousers, certainly not one to make judgements about that.     

As usual, in returning to the rear where Midnight displays her modified sex between forcibly parted thighs and now upturned feet, my nose detects continuing if not growing arousal. Vaginal juices ooze to the point that a droplet has formed at the tip of the right labium. So convenient. I use the abundance to coat the stainless steel speculum... and warm it. I am such a thoughtful gentleman.

Probably unnecessary with the degree of Midnight’s arousal, but assuring that the smooth steel slips inward without mishap is standard operating procedure and I want to make sure Douglas takes note.

“We keep Midnight open, stretching to excess the vaginal opening. For the most part it ruins her for vaginal penetration... by the male appendage... obviating normal coitus... yet readies her for fisting, should a given owner or rider care to explore within.”

I am sure Douglas can Google the term ‘fisting’ and learn more of that wondrously domineering activity at some other time.

The prongs of the speculum glide with ease. I twist the adjusting lever to open and from beneath the hood hear a moan... of pleasure?.. of discomfort? Mostly likely in muted protest.

I am opening Midnight’s most intimate anatomy... before a boy she has never before met. Her cunt yawns, seemingly so receptive to manipulation. Ostensibly the female reaction is to demonstrate reservation... silly shyness. But with the likes of girls like Midnight, the psyche, the inner reaction is to revel in the intensity of the humiliation. Midnight feels she is an object... to be explored without compunction. She enjoys being such.

So I ignore whatever reservations she attempts to express, smiling to myself in knowing that Midnight may verbally try to offer resistance, but a well drenched cunny suggests otherwise.

The odd delight of the masochist...

So my lecture continues, pointing out the mysterious skene’s glands, explaining the unproven theory that it is from such tiny openings that a girl will gush ejaculate when properly masturbated. A finger enters and ever so gently rubs the urethral sponge. Midnight lurches, nicely complementing my point concerning the area as a source of pleasure.

The Bartholin’s glands are next located and explained, Midnight’s pair working with zeal in offering so much lubrication.

The urethral opening is more prominently displayed and I explain to Douglas its function and that he will be assisting Midnight in urination, clearing the way for the free flow of excretions.    
Lastly I turn on the flashlight and gesture for Douglas to stoop. With the vaginal entrance widely parted, we can visually examine Midnight’s sex right up to the cervix. And of course I must point out the anterior fornix and another feminine mystery, the climactic reaction to penetration and stimulation there... in Midnight’s case making her cunny gush like a fire hose.

“Do be wary if you choose to explore there, Douglas. Midnight here may just wet you. She’s amusingly orgasmic.”

Douglas nods. I will not overwhelm by explaining my protocol of strict chastity on this evening. He has his head full as it is. Tomorrow morning, after I take Midnight for her morning run, I’ll chart out her care and who has what responsibilities. Tonight’s tete a tete is merely to invoke interest in Douglas and warm him to his new chores.

And I do believe I have piqued his interest.

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