Thursday, January 17, 2013

Some thoughts/response to comments

Thank you all for the input.

There are so many facets and subsets within the D/s genre that it’s difficult to please everyone. So bear with me. I think what I have written so far will entertain (first segment to be posted Saturday), though I’m well into the story and have yet to weave any direct Femdom/fem sub action into the storyline. (It will come).

Regular readers of my stuff may find some parallels to other stories I have written, after nearly 3 million words that is difficult to avoid. So I beg forgiveness if that aspect brings irritation.

I often ask myself why pony play is so prevalent within the multitude of D/s fantasies, mine included. Some thoughts...

First there is the objectification, human portrayed as beast. Then there is the bondage. It’s essential, not imbued because the Dominant enjoys but because the human equine must be tethered, just like every other beast of burden. Necessary corporal punishment follows, after all even expensive thoroughbreds must endure the crop for proper encouragement. Conditioning, the human beast must  improve his/her strength and endurance. And my favorite element, the exacting training, ingraining in the mind of the human pony a demanded instant somatic response to simple tugs on reins, bridle and bit (I suppose a subset of objectification).

Any way, one must care not to over analyze otherwise it’s like a child taking apart his/her favorite toy to see how it works... only to find as a result that it no longer functions.

Look for the start on Saturday.

Thanks again.


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