Sunday, January 20, 2013

Lulu's new accounting/reporting

At long last, Lulu is now tracking both books sold and free downloads. As you are aware, I have commented on the voracious appetite for free stuff on Smashwords. It now appears that Lulu users are a close second.

Yesterday someone downloaded five free stories from Lulu and bought
nothing. I assume it was the same person because there were no duplicates. ‘The Toy’, ‘The Masturbatrix’, ‘Power Series’, ‘To Serve Intact’, ‘Madam, Me and It’. And no book was purchased by anyone.

Well, one would think that after reading some 130,000 words of free quality smut it would prompt pecuniary action, i.e. spending a dollar or two for more. (my short stories on Lulu are available for as little as $2.25).

We’ll see. But in general, the ‘give to get’ mode under which I have been posting free stuff too often goes unrequited.

In posting the beginning of a story, as I have with ‘The Extraction Nurse’ and 'Madam, Me and It’, I try not to leave the reader too much in a lurch, attempting as best I can to balance the satiation of reading a complete segment with the desire to read more (through purchase), to learn of the conclusion.

So maybe I’ll instead stop posting a story in mid sentence...   


Anonymous said...

I bought some of your stories and I like them.


Chris Bellows said...


Thank you.

Writing is not a full time avocation for me, it oddly soothes a hyperactive kinky mind. But what also soothes is that folks take interest and are entertained. For me, the ultimate test in attaining such a simple goal is a purchase... and not necessarily large.

Thanks again for the boost.


Anonymous said...

Have bought and read all your books on amazon...just waiting for more. I don't think I have to say I am a fan :)