Tuesday, March 6, 2012

No comments?

Well, we changed genres. The site has gotten strong hits on Sunday and Monday (Saturday was a little light because I posted late I am sure), and still no comments.

Nothing provokes thought?


Anonymous said...

Sorry, yes yes - Very interesting - Looking forward to continuation!!!
This is the type I prefer (F/m)!!!
Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Definitely enjoying this story....what a great start!! Don't be afraid to raise it up to the next level and get super hard-core with it. I've always enjoyed your stories (not so much the fem-sub ones, but it's good to stretch your legs once in awhile yes?) and I love it when you push the envelope. Have fun with it Chris, I know I will!


Anonymous said...

I'm still recovering from just having finished The Clinic! Now I'm dealing with castration issues. You Sir, are definitely a guilty pleasure. Keep up the great work!

Chris Bellows said...

Feedback! Good to learn all are enjoying. Was worried that all the hits this site receives were slips of the mouse.