Sunday, March 18, 2012

Is Collarme Doomed?

While writing ‘The Clinic’, I went on Collarme and searched female profiles listing ‘lactation’, ‘milk/milking’ and ‘hucow’ as an interest. The following message was sent to 34 women...

You may find interest in a story I am working on. 'The Clinic'. Forced lactation. See my blog   Enjoy, CB

Curious to note that after six weeks, only 13 women read the message... less than half. One responded. noting ‘Thanks’.

What does that say about Collarme as a medium for potential social intercourse?

Their inability/refusal to monitor and police the site has placed it in ruins. And in the beginning it was so vigorous. Now, how much time and effort is spent by participants determining who is and who is not fake?

And I as learned, over half the profiles are either inactive or the originator has no intention of participating in anything.

I assume others have the same reaction. Just wonder when the advertisers are going to conclude as to the site's uselessness.


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