Tuesday, June 21, 2011

'Ship of Remorse' passes muster

In viewing the Pink Flamingo site, it seems all my books (some 34? not sure of the number) do not pass the Mastercard Visa criteria except for 'Ship of Remorse', a Fem/fem forced lactation story (hope the MC/Visa reviewers enjoy THAT theme).

So, whereas I have endeavored to write and entertain readers over the many years it seems I must now write for MC and Visa.

But why should I be upset? I can read my stuff any time. It's you readers who are out. No more freedom of choice. You can buy anything you want as long as MC/Visa approves.

Not sure how MC/Visa are going to approach the likes of Lulu. Probably over 1,000,0000 publications listed there, mainly bad poetry as the founder of Lulu has suggested. So start your search MC/Visa...

And why are the main stream websites excluded from this mandate? Does Amazon have a little too much putdown power to be toyed with in this manner?

Have to make a decision on 'Tagged'. It was due to be published beginning of July.


saratoga said...

Hey at least you have one left. Orlando is totally shut out now. No surprise....


Thomas_the_tame said...

Have you thought about publishing for the Kindle? I see lots of BDSM and other "non-consenual" stories on there.

Chris Bellows said...


Available from Kindle are fifteen of my stories, via Pink Flamingo. Apparently the bullies at MC/Visa choose not to scuffle with the larger purveyors of books and videos.

The response by PF is not how I would have reacted. I would have stopped accepting MC/Visa and started a new website where items acceptable to MC/Visa could be sold, thus not losing the existing goodwill on the present site.

This matter is not of much pecuniary interest to me, but I would guess PF is going to lose 50% of their revenue. Plus endure all the hassle of reviewing each and every story and video to determine if there is 'non-consensual' content.

Personally, I do not find 'consensual' D/s to be much of a thrill... it's like planning your own surprise party.