Tuesday, June 21, 2011

More absurdity

Other than advocating the overthrow of the U. S. government using force or violence, I am unaware of any topic about which one cannot legally write. This remains a democracy.

So envisioning this internet hunt by Mastercard/Visa dweebs is amusing but also rather disturbingly sad.

Perhaps a book burning is next...

There was a nice bonfire in Nazi Germany a few years back...

From the editors at Pink Flamingo...


Dear Authors,

1. I’m writing to update you on the changes at Pink Flamingo occurring since my notice to you last week regarding the necessary changes to the website. You’ll want to read through the entire letter.

First, let me thank you all for the many emails you’ve sent over the last week. We really appreciate all your encouragement and support. My staff here, along with a few great friends who stepped in to help, have done a terrific job with a change that has been very difficult for us all. It’s tough seeing so many great books disappear from the site, and personal too, as over 30 of my Lizbeth books have been removed.

To clear-up any misconceptions you may have regarding the need for this change. This DOES NOT affect any content going into the mainstream market, which means subjects of abduction, kidnap, coercion, even slave worlds are perfectly fine in this venue. This DOES NOT affect content sold at the large ebook and paperback retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Sony, etc. Also, many of the large Adults Sites you see on the Internet are not affected, as they have already dealt with the Credit Card/bank issues with site content, and have obtained credit card funding through European or off-shore channels.

Regarding the changes to the website:

1) The site changes are nearly complete. Many books have been removed, however, some have just been “turned off” temporarily so that we can tweak the write-ups before we have them go “live” again.

Please check your own titles, and if there is any book that you regard as consensual that is not appearing on the site, please let us know right away. Obviously we want to keep up as many books as possible.

2) We are working with a Credit card broker, who deals specifically with obtaining credit card funding for Adult Websites. He has advised us on the necessary changes, including the “message” that we post to the website. We wish we could speak more directly about the titles that have been removed, however, we’re specifically advised, until the site has been reviewed, NOT to directly mention the affected titles on the site. We’ve tried to work around this by suggesting customers contact us through email and our toll free number. We’ll have a notice on the site shortly, reminding customers of the many places where they can find our ebooks.

1. Banks will do “spider” searches that crawl the site for specific keywords and offending language. Some banks will also physically look at the site, though the process of how this is done, is not altogether clear.

Once the review is over, we expect that we’ll be able to ease up some, and even restore some of our titles. For the time being we are being very cautious.

4) Going forward.

* FESS Many of you already know about our Free Erotic Story Site (http://www.freeeroticstoriessite.com)

Since this is a noncommercial site, we’re free to post excerpts and book write-ups for the nonconsensual titles, and give specific ordering instructions for theses books. We need to make a few changes on this site, but we expect to start posting excerpts and info there starting this week.

* New Website. As soon as we can get it done, we’ll be creating a new website for the nonconsensual titles. Initially, we’ll accept echecks, and possibly Paypal. Paypal has some content restrictions, but we understand that these are mainly for DVDs. Other sites have been okay with selling books.

* New vendor: We have also begun sending all the affected titles to a1Adultebooks.com (also known as BDSM-books.com), another ebook vendor who will accept, in fact welcome, our nonconsensual content. (Our consensual bdsm will also being going to this site.)

We have several other new vendors who have been mentioned to us, and we’ll be checking these out, and hopefully uploading ebooks to them as well. If there is a site you are aware of that is currently selling Nonconsensual bdsm, feel free to let us know so we can check it out.

* Author guidelines: I am working on these now, and they should be ready tomorrow 6/21. We’ll email them to you once they are ready.

* Publishing Non-consensual titles: We are still committed to publishing this content, and it’s perfectly legal to do so. We’ll have new guidelines for nonconsensual books coming within a week. We still have the option of immediately releasing ebooks versions to the greater “Ebook World” (Kindle and all the rest…), and paperbacks to our regular customers who we mail regularly with updates and new releases. We’ll also have the books listed on the free story site. As soon as we have our new site ready to go, any new release will be featured as we do with any new Pink Flamingo title.

1. 5) A New PF Author contact

We have a new Submissions Coordinator, a staff position created about a month ago. Fiona Thomas is working closely with me on submissions, editing, book production and author support. Some of you have already worked with her, but you can all expect to hear from her from time to time regarding your books.

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