Sunday, May 24, 2020

'Bred' Published (I think)

I have published (attempted to) the referenced story on Lulu.

25,000 words $4.32. 

Well, at least the story is listed in my completed 'Projects'. However, as all things are going recently with Lulu and their disastrous upgrade, I cannot find the story for sale.

So, I have no link to post, and if and when the story is offered I will so inform.

Meanwhile I will post another segment or two here on the blog.

But this makeover/upgrade is painful. Had to resubmit tax form W-9, which Lulu has had on file for some 12 years. And to make a simple cover (as you readers are aware, I don't spend time alluring with photos but with words) I had to type up a page on the word processor, print out and then scan in as a jpeg file.   

The story is quite quirky and as I try to differentiate in my story lines... this one is indeed different.

So enjoy... if you can find it.


Think I found a link... try...

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