Friday, September 2, 2016


I most times begin my day scanning new profiles on Collarspace (formerly Collarme) and new postings on Craig’s List (using specific terms to search the myriad of listings).

Whereas many, if not most, are fakes and scams, one must remember I write fiction. So if the many profiles and listings are indeed fictional such serves to warm the cockles of my fervent fingers, turning to grist for the writing mill.

Recently came across this Craig’s List gem. It’s been posted before in the New York area.
  Real? I sent a complimentary note in reply... nothing received back as of this posting.


Dominant Couple Seeking Sissy Maid

READ THIS TO THE END Sir and Miss will know...

We are looking for a good sissy maid. We are an experienced Dominant couple with many years of training sissies. We play with both sexes and need a good sissy maid to help us around the house and the dungeon. You would be required to wear a sissy maid uniform when cleaning and attending to our guests. You will have to be comfortable dressed as a girl in front of men, women and other sissies.

Must be available at least once a week depending on what is going on. It might just be you and us the first time we meet. Other times, we have small get together's with TOPS and bottoms. Your job as a SISSY MAID is to serve us as well as our guests drinks and light cleaning.

We are a couple, we are both business professionals. We enjoy turning men into SISSY MAIDS. If you have been a Sissy / SISSY MAID before or this is your first time. We will work with you. Experience is good but not necessary.

Depending on what is going on the day you come

You will come in to our home as a male. Upon entering, your transformation and SISSY MAID training will begin. You will be forced and Feminized into SISSY MAID Service. In our presence you will be a girl to us. We will verbally humiliate you and at the same time encourage you to be a girl. Some light bondage and discipline if you are into it.

We will help you accept that you are a girl. That you were meant to be a girl. (SISSY MAID)

You will be Our Sissy Maid Slut Girl. We will have you pose and prance around in your panties and maid uniform.

You Will Be collared and put into Chastity while you are in our presence only.

You will wear a butt plug during your SISSY MAID training. As part of your continuing training the butt plugs will increase in size.

You will be DISCIPLINED to remind you that you are a girl and be rewarded for being a proper SISSY MAID.

We love to role-play and have a wild imagination.

Your wife or girlfriend sent you to us for Full Girl Transformation and SISSY MAID TRAINING.

You are ordered to report To US for Gender Reassignment and SISSY MAID TRAINING.

You were sold to us as property.

We are very open minded.

When leaving our home you will go back to being a man.

We are not looking for SEX and nor should you be.

Must be CLEAN. In shape, Weigh less then 200 pounds. No body odor.

Must have clean shaven face.

Must be 18 to 35 and in good shape.

When answering our Ad. Leave name, age and if any experience. We don't respond to one sentence notes.

Keep in mind that we are looking for regular service from our Sissy Maids. After serving us a few times. We also recommend you to other Dominant couples and Dominant women that are also looking for Sissy Maid service.

WE ARE NOT looking for sex, money or a one time session. If you are married or in a relationship that you want to keep this a secret form THIS WILL NOT WORK........ If you are not able to commit for regular service. THIS IS NOT FOR YOU.........


This is the real thing. We are the real thing and really enjoy doing this.


Possibly fake. But the authors write with such zeal for the subject matter. And the listing is accompanied by many prurient drawings and cartoons of sissy maids in servitude.

In reading this listing, I do believe I could concoct a short story of 4,000 to 5,000 words, describing the initial visit of the protagonist sissy maid and the domineering couple who so energetically accommodate his/her needs.

Such wonderful fuel...

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