Saturday, March 26, 2016

Tie Me Chicago XV

“Sit up,” Miss Theresa commands.

Deemed glabrous, I rise from lying where the clinicians have tended to my nakedness, turning to dangle my feet and legs over the sides.

Miss Theresa and Miss Monica stand to my right and left, bottles of mineral oil at the ready. I am massaged, many fingers work to both bring an attractive gleam and search for any unruly follicle escaping the razor.

There is an ingrained reaction, the many years of Miss Eve similarly grazing my nakedness with a soft soapy cloth. Yes I begin to harden, my imagination listening for the count to three.  

It is then that Miss Midori Matsumoyo enters, her splendid form covered in tight black leather.

She casually strolls to stand before me, eyes examining. For some reason I know to remain silent... obediently silent.

“Nicely built, as I expected, good pectorals,” reaching to graze her hand over my oiled right nipple. “My intention was for you to visit, see more of my work, talk a little about your interest, your reaction to my demonstration of Shibari at the county fair. Instead it seems you prefer to immerse yourself.”

Distracted by her beauty, I had not noticed before a sheet of paper in her right hand. She lifts her hand and reads.

“Matthew Donzinger, 556 Michigan Avenue, apartment 13 D. Accounting Manager for Sterling Industries...”

Miss Matsumoto reads from the profile sheet completed in the reception area. In sitting naked before her, my vulnerability becomes dismayingly apparent... and my stupidity. She knows all! Employer name and address, my work phone, name of supervisor. I must have been delirious to divulge so much. 

“Six foot two, 220 pounds, penis of eight inches... confirmed by staff... uncircumcised,” finally completing the litany of information, stuff one does not divulge on the internet these days.

“So... you want to model for me, Matthew Donzinger,” more statement than question. “At least I hope you do. I have patrons expecting a show tonight.... including viewers in Japan. There’s a hole in my schedule I need to fill. Plus I need fresh video material,” handing the profile sheet to Miss Theresa. “What are your intentions? Interest piqued?”

“Will I be hooded... masked?” my question lame, the features of every model on the website fully shown.

As expected Miss Midori simply smiles. It is a sinister smile.

“You need to better understand the art form of Kinbaku, Mr. Matthew Donzinger. For many patrons... most patrons... it is the haji of the kyaputibu which most interests and enthralls. Covering your face, bringing you the comfort of anonymity, would temper that. There are others who wish to see your humbled reaction to josei no pawa. The kutsujoku of submitting to josei no pawa.”

I nod, stupidly, not understanding a word of Japanese other than Kinbaku, learned from the Tie Me Chicago website.

“Your penis is firming, Matt, once again indicating you enjoy the role of kyaputibu... of being my captive.”

It is. All the stress... realizing the woman knows so much about me, denying the comfort of a hood or mask... and my somatic reaction is to become erect! I am shamed.

“You’ve signed the releases. It’s now a simple matter to walk with me down to the studio. From that point, you have no more responsibilities... no more cares. You will be under my power... my control. And I think that excites you. For the evening there is a stipend of $500. Many use the money to reconcile their subconscious... their guilt... that they only subject themselves to the caprice of the Nawashi because of the money. So you may use that to justify your decision. But here at Tie Me Chicago we know better. You have needs, Matthew Donzinger... I can fulfill... I will fulfill.”

She knowingly accepts my silence as concurrence.

“Photo, plug and collar him, Theresa, then post his profile. The customers always like reading about our new kyaputibus. The studio is packed. I need to show him off.”  

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