Saturday, January 16, 2016

Tie Me Chicago V

“You’re being annoying again, Matt,” Eve threatens with a smirk.

On Fridays mom plays bridge. At age 13, it is deemed that I still have some supervision. And the task is assigned to my sister... who in turn invites the Amazon Eve to the house. There are some chores, but also favorite movies to watch. And I annoy as always, insisting the selection be something completely without interest to teenaged girls... a cowboy movie as I recall.

Petulant, my demand grows boisterous. Despite the spanking of weeks before, I feel on this occasion I am in the right... my house... I am to be entertained, deeming compliance to my wishes the deign of he being watched over.

As my tone of voice rises, there comes the exchange of glances, sister and friend Eve. On the last occasion, sister left me to the caprice of Eve. And since the resulting bare bottom spanking is not to be forgotten, there comes an instant brisance of fear and concern.

Have I overplayed my hand?

My sister arises from the den couch.

“I’ll make some snacks,” leaving me alone again with Eve.

I have not insulted, no jibes, no references to her barren social life. But as suggested it seems I have again annoyed.

“Your mother talked to me, Matt, about your behavior. I have her permission to modify... calm you when you’re belligerent.”

Though there is apprehension there is also renitence. It is my house. Eve is a visitor. The movie of my choice should be the afternoon selection. I so state, reiterating, it is a cowboy movie to be shown.

I am to find I am wrong. There will be no movie.

The giantess also arises from the couch, reaching swiftly and grasping my ear.


“Quiet, Matt. Enough. You’re too agitated and you’re getting a bath. Your mother’s idea and I must agree. You get more and more excitable.”

“I take showers. Baths are for children.”

“And for boys who act like children,” the words coming as she steps from the room, towing me by my ear.

Yes, Eve definitely flung that coxswain well into Lake Michigan, I recall thinking at the time. For when she reaches the stairs, she picks me up, carrying me up, taking step after step without strain. 

In reaching the bathroom door, I begin to negotiate... attempt to negotiate.

“Alright, alright I’ll take a bath. Just shut the door behind you.”

“I’m too aware of the antics of pubescent horny little boys, Matt,” Eve indeed shutting the bathroom door... from the inside. “The things you do to yourselves when left alone.”

She strips me... again... this time completely. Relatively powerless against the strength of the giantess, she summarily tosses aside every scrap of clothing. And since she had not yet to run any water, the interlude of my exposure to her is long... and without potential for relief... and embarrassing... very embarrassing.

Yes, she stares... gloating... reveling in my comeuppance... laughing as my small hand lowers to attempt to shield my hairless pubes from her mirthful gaze. Powerless again, she pulls it away.

“No, no. Don’t be so shy. You are so much enjoying yourself Matt, blushing like a little girl. Are you going to have it stand for me again? Have it grow for me? Show off your little thing?”

I am chagrined when her words indeed bring twinges. As both my wrists find their way into her amazingly potent grasp, my penis slowly rises. The demonstration and feel of her power seem to foster more and more hardness. Under her watchful gaze, within moments I am fully erect.

“I’ll tell you what, Matt. If you’d like, we can skip the bath. Just let you prance about the house naked and stiff, in front of your sister. Maybe we’ll watch that cowboy movie after all.”


I protest, but her words bring more... more... however is described the catalyst for erection.

“Then let’s get you a nice soothing hot bath. You’ll feel better. I’ll make sure you feel better. And you’ll thank me... and we’ll become friends. I know what little boys like... little boys with stiffies like this,” nodding to that pointing now to the ceiling.

With reluctance, I nod. Sudsy water would offer covering.

“Good. Now place your hands on your head like a good little boy. No playing with your little thing. It just wants to show itself to me.”

Gratefully, Eve releases my arms. As I humbly raise my hands she steps away to begin running the water. But she turns the valves for a minimal flow, the tub to be filled slowly. I feel my pulse pound. It seems my display will be unending.

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