Saturday, August 8, 2015

Miss Amanda's Bitch Boys VIII

“Okay, my super max bitches. Everyone to the bars. It’s the first of the month.”

Guard Amanda Contrell calls out from the observation room. Luke notes that the giant Julie humbly arises from his bunk and with celerity indeed steps to the bars. There he lowers himself to his knees.

Luke too arises, lumbering. His demeanor remaining somewhat obstreperous, he stands, defiant but also amazed at the acquiescence of the powerful inmate. Julie notes his renitence.

“You best be kneeling, white boy. You may have killed for a living, but here you’re just another one of Miss Amanda’s bitches. First of the month, get down and get ready to perform for her.”

Julie’s knowledge of Luke’s nefarious pursuits surprises him, then he recalls yesterday’s feeding, the minx Molly and her questions. Information divulged and overheard.

Luke hears the thump of boots on concrete, Guard Amanda announcing herself as she enters the corridor, the inmates of super max given soft slippers for footwear. Then comes the rustling sound of clothing.

“Oh yes, get yourself nice and hard for Miss Amanda.”

He hears the imposing guard move about, the tap, tap, tap of boots suggesting she is stepping cell to cell. Finally she comes into view, moving to stand before the kneeling Julie. She reaches through the bars, grasps the nostril cord, ties it off then stoops. In a well practiced move, Luke observing on the day of his arrival in super max, the large brown hands lower, the inmate Julie’s slacks are unbuttoned, the zipper lowered and Amanda stoops to pull the canvas grey pants to the concrete floor. 

“Get it up nice and big for me, Julie boy.”

The index finger of the right hand diddles the underside of the massive black cock. Guard Amanda girlish giggles in seeing the organ instantly spring to life, Jami’s fellatio many day’s past.

Then she turns, her look quickly becoming stern as she sees Luke standing.

“Get down now or you’ll be posted, Luke boy. First of the month. It’s show time.”

Not pausing for a response, Guard Amanda steps to the bars, grabs Luke’s nostril string and cruelly pulls. The pain is instantaneous. A defiant Luke yields, dropping to his knees without word or gesture of resistance. The defacto leash is tied off, a simple slip not, only to be loosened by mobile hands... and the only mobile hands are those of Miss Amanda.

“Bad news my bitches. Jami did the entire Cell Black A this morning. Tummy full of sperm and dog biscuits, so no one gets sucked off today. But I’ll want to see six nice big hard ons for the nurse. Get ‘em through the bars. I want tummy thumpers,” Amanda moving to the center of the corridor calling out to all.

She pauses, glaring from cell to cell. As her smile glows, Luke understands that erections unseen by him apparently are one by one stabbing through the bars.

“I’ll give you a hand in a moment, Henry.”

Guard Amanda notes that Luke is slow to tumefy. She returns to his cell bars.

“Henry always is the slowest. But if I squeeze his balls hard enough, he’ll get it up. The disgusting masochist needs to feel a woman’s controlling touch.”

Guard Amanda folds her arms and stares, towering over the kneeling Luke. He finds himself cowering, surprising himself with his reaction. 

“And what about you, Luke? Shouldn’t be too hard to pay proper homage. You’ve been chaste and naked for some three weeks... unless you’ve somehow been getting yourself off rubbing on the concrete walls, ha, ha, ha.”

Guard Amanda’s proximity, her jeering words, perhaps indeed the long interval of penile neglect. Whatever the cause, Luke feels that twinge... within his loins. He slowly complies, not fully understanding his reaction.

“Good boy,” the words cooed, mother to child.

With that, the solid impenetrable steel door of super max creaks open. The trundle of wheels is heard. Molly and the food cart? The timing seems off.

“Ok, everyone remain still for Nurse Simms. No nicks, no bleeding. And get ready to offer a urine sample,” Guard Amanda calls out again. “Some water Luke? You’ll piss for me. Testing for drugs is mandatory, super max or not. ”      

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