Friday, June 26, 2015

'The Party Boy' released

My latest effort for Pink Flamingo/Erotic Book Network has been released.

'The Party Boy'.

Female Dominant/male submissive, lots of humiliation and subtle feminine control. Light on corporal but unending CFNM, chastity and denial.




Anonymous said...

"Light on corporal"....that's a pity.

I will give it a try anyway, so I can kill time until the next "Miss Amanda" part or the final part of "Ownership" is released.

You seem to write a lot lately...very nice.

Chris Bellows said...

Think you will find 'The Party Boy' to be of interest. One of my better efforts.

Completed the manuscript in October. PF has lots of 'submissions' (no pun) these days. So it's been in the queue for a while.