Saturday, April 18, 2015

Stroking the Male - Segment IV

Susan is both aghast and amused as she hears muffled shouts, brother Randy apparently protesting in being gruffly drawn from deep sleep. Then she hears a door open, more blubbering and the sound of a thwack... on naked skin!

Down the stairs, Mrs. Breckenridge leads brother Randy, thumb and index finger firmly grasping an ear, ruler offering correcting taps to the buttocks.

His hands grasping a magazine, Randy is otherwise naked! And Mrs. Breckenridge is far from nonplussed.

“Yes, it’s typical of boys with this bent,” Mrs. Breckenridge’s voice becoming admirably stern.  “They sleep completely naked so they can frottage against the sheets well into the night... and mornings as well...” 

Indeed. Though Randy is trying to shield his pubes with the magazine, Susan shifts, her eyes noting that though he is not erect, his lengthy uncircumised manhood is not flaccid either. And it may be her imagination, but Mrs. Breckenridge’s brusque handling seems to be fostering a further degree of swelling.

“Caught him! Look at this filth!” the ruler pointing to the pornographic publication in Randy’s hands.

“Who is this, Sis?” Randy’s voice most distraught.

Susan smiles, the introduction apropos.

“It’s the visitor I told you I was expecting... Mrs. Breckenridge. She offers therapy... for boys with a particular problem. What is that you’re reading Randy? Would you like to share it with us?”

An imposing Mrs. Breckenridge, well aware of Randy’s stash of lurid porn, has evidently raided the nest, coercing Randy to expose what he has otherwise thought to be a furtive habit. Sister Susan’s questions thus distract Randy from further protestation. As Susan looks on smugly, Randy better grasps his standing... naked before two women... semi erect and engorging... arousing filth in hand. He turns to silence, feeling his heart pound, his flesh burning as his blushing brings pink turning to crimson.

Finally Mrs. Breckenridge steps into the breech of embarrassed silence.

“I’ve examined your bed sheets Randy. Seems you’re aptly named,” further tugging on the lad’s ear to bring him to the sofa where the stain laden once white bedding lies well displayed. “What’s all this discoloration? Seems you have no concerns about having your sister clean up after your male mess.”

“I... I...” a humiliated Randy searches for words not to come.

“Nothing to say? Well I think you need to be taught cleanliness... and more deference to a woman’s kind attentiveness. Give that obscene magazine to your sister. Then we’ll sit and have a talk.”

Randy remorsefully hands over what he appears to treat as a treasure. Mrs. Breckenridge smirks as she again tugs... to the straight backed chair occupying a place of prominence in the center of the livingroom. There she finally releases Randy’s ear, places the ruler aside, hikes up her skirt and sits. Susan is surprised to see well shaped, firm thighs on the woman of maturity.

“Face your sister, straddle my thighs and sit... you young scamp!” the tone most commanding.

As Randy obeys, he feels his penis further harden. What is happening? Then he hears the snap of rubber as Mrs. Breckenridge finishes rummaging about the assembled items requested in her email and dons latex gloves.

“This is your bowl, Randy. I understand it was once utilized by the family dog. Seems most appropriate that you should now use it,” Mrs. Breckenridge dropping the yellow plastic saucer to the floor between Randy’s feet.

Next Mrs. Breckenridge reaches for her large bag and extracts a jar.

“My own concoction, Susan. Bacon fat. In time the scent brings them all to harden for me just in opening the jar.”

The lid is removed. The room air indeed wafts with the fragrance of bacon and Mrs. Breckenridge first coats her gloves, then smears Randy’s gluteal cleft, cackling in seeing him lurch with the unexpected invasion.

“Now sit... slowly. Relax that tight little sphincter of yours. You’ll sense some discomfort... at first. In time all you rascals come to enjoy it... a woman taking command of that useless little gland.”

Susan immediately understands the anal assault... Mrs. Breckenridge well aware of the prostate and the quirky male affinity for manipulation there. There is quick and distant regret. What mental anguish has she brought to brother Randy? But the sense of reluctance quickly fades as Susan looks to the soiled sheets, then to her hands... holding the disgusting female dominant portrayals Randy so guiltily covets. 

Susan looks up as she hears Randy gasp. The knowing fingers of Mrs. Breckenridge’s left hand have evidently penetrated, slipping past the well lubricated purse string muscle. There comes another cackle as Randy again lurches, becoming a puppet on a string.

“Now, since you’re so wont to spray about your male seed... and do so while glaring at photographic filth... I’ve found it best for boys like you do to so neatly... and under feminine supervision. Susan, would you please entertain your brother with some of his favorite porn. Stand before him and slowly thumb through a few of the disgusting pages.”

Susan pauses to see the look of Randy... there is fright... but there is a well cloaked joy... his penis now raging as Mrs. Breckenridge no doubt works her fingers well within.

Ah, such comeuppance, Susan realizes... appropriate comeuppance... Randy forced to share his deep secret... while stripped naked... before two women... his bare thighs so sensually abrading she who is very much in control of his manliness. Despite the ignominy, Randy’s right hand cannot resist. The impressive hard on beckons.

“No, no, Randy... that’s now a woman’s task,” pushing aside the beseeching hand. “We do it so much neater. I’m going to jerk you off into your bowl... and you’re going to thank me for it.”

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Anonymous said...

His face should be rubbed in the sheets another allusion to the dirty dog he is for spraying his disgusting slime.