Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Segments of 'The Sash' to end

In fairness, I should forewarn that the last segment of the Sash will be published on 12/27. As posted, the entire manuscript is available from Lulu.

Yes, the postings have been a 'teaser', but I have offered some 22,000 words for free. Not a bad bargain. Amazon discourages offering a single page!

Not sure what will begin in January.


Anonymous said...

I wonder why there have been so few comments recently.
I liked "the sash", however I didn't read it via your blog but bought it from lulu.
However, the last three or four stories of yours seemed to be a bit uninspired to me and I had some difficulties to read them to end, which was rarely the case in the past. Of course "the sash" or "a woman's servant" were technically well done (which is uncommon for smut literature) but they also offered not much new. A lot of Male on male and castration stuff which I like only in little doses.
For 2015 I would love to see some more variation and the old ingenuity when in comes to new forms of torture.
Why not some more variation on the setting? I remeber you have written a femdom story in a wild west setting a few years ago. How about a medieval setting? Some kind of femdom inquisition maybe?
Many of your older stories also dealt with a theme you could call "rape and revenge" or "crime and punishment": Once victimized females dealing with an sexual offender or criminal....always loved that.

Another question: How do you get the inspiration and the ideas for your stories? Do you have some kind of favorite artist? Or is there a writer who does inspire you or a certain (femdom) book you like and can recommend?

Chris Bellows said...


Thank you for the suggestions.

The wild west story to which you refer I believe is 'The Predator'. There is effort in developing such 'period pieces' to assure there are no anachronistic errors. If I recall I had to research events of the Civil War and certain medical developments to ensure such properly fit in the time line.

For 2015 I have no thoughts. Working on a Female Dominant theme now but it doesn't flow, so I can't promise anything.

Thank you for the comments


Anonymous said...

Do you take suggestions for stories? I confess, I've always wondered what a science fiction story from you would be like.

Chris Bellows said...


I have deliberately refrained from sci fi themes for a number of reasons.

First I don't think I'd be good at developing such.

Second, my thoughts are that the closer events/characters/kinks are to the possible the more the reader can mentally/imaginatively assimilate the interaction and thus bring arousal (hopefully).

Third, the reader would need to be immersed in the fictional world, and to do that much background, character development, setting of the environment would be needed for the plot and story line. I try to keep the stories succinct and this would antithetically involve many words of what I would call ‘non erotic’ set up/background writing. As you have probably observed the best sci fi erotica (and vanilla sci fi as well) is offered in a series. Thus the imaginative world, once described and set, leads the reader right into books two, three, four, etc. The Harry Potter series, The Lord of the Rings, The Foundation, the Gorean works of John Norman. I’m not sure I have the perseverance and focus to undertake such a challenge. My hyperactive kinky mind is too eager to wander off.

Thank you for the feed back