Sunday, June 16, 2013

New Novella/'Interrogation'

Just so you're aware that my fingers are not idle, I have posted a novella of some 20,000 words on Lulu.

Female Dominant/female submissive, bestiality, sodomy, oral servitude. Strong Chris Bellows stuff.

$4.00. Enjoy.


ez_cat said...

Thanks for the ultimate doggy girl story.

Chris Bellows said...


Glad you enjoyed.

Obviously the theme will never be published by any 'mainstream' purveyor of erotica, thus the Lulu and Smashwords editions.

B/t/w the story germinated from reading many years ago of an interrogation by the Egyptian secret police. They had picked up a female college professor for questioning and were not making progress until she was 'introduced' to a German by the last name of Shepard.

How one trains a dog in a such a manner gives rise to much speculative thought...


ez_cat said...

Thanks for the background info. Makes the story so much more enjoyable.