Saturday, May 25, 2013

Midnight - Segment XIX

Adorning Midnight’s Cunt

The bowl empties, quite the offering of chow. I adjust the pulley cords, deeming Midnight to have had enough rest. She lifts at the waist to hang upright, a standing position except she remains in suspension, soft broad thigh straps holding her inches off the barn’s floor. From my pocket I retrieve the trinkets from the morning trip to the jewelry store.

Missing from Midnight’s well subjugated body... yoked, tethered at the ankles, pierced deeply at the hips... has been the silver chains decorating and highlighting Mother’s clitoral piercing. Her prior owner deemed such to be unnecessary, perhaps affording too much delight. Such is not within my intended paradigm for Midnight. I want her constantly aroused, always on the edge of orgasm, particularly when being run.

I have thus purchased some fine chainery, slim silver links intended for pendants and lockets. Young Douglas watches with fascination as I demonstrate why Midnight’s enormous bud was pierced horizontally and ringed. I thread one length through the right hip ring, across her pubes, through the clitoral ring and back to the hip. There is an inch or two or slack, but the clever clasp holding the two ends is adjustable, a mechanism which permits me to tighten, should I so desire. 

A second identical chain and adjusting mechanism is likewise threaded through the left hip ring and the clitoral ring. I adjust to decorate, assuring symmetrical slack as the bright silver festoons across her smooth black lower belly right and left.

“Both pretty and practical, don’t you think Douglas?”

My wide eyed son nods as he stares. The chains, though slack as indicated, serve to make both Midnight’s clitoris and her stainless steel ring much more prominent, calling attention there, should for some reason a viewer not notice the outrageously stretched labia.

Midnight stirs. I do believe her odor amplifies and I am going to have great fun if my baubles make her cunny begin to drip.   

“Yes, when I run her, I’ll first tighten these slim silver tethers. Her own motion will cause the chains plus her clitoral ring to oscillate. You are aware that that little nubbin is ultra sensitive, Douglas,” not recalling if my lecture included a discussion of vaginal orgasms versus clitoral.

As I found years ago, it is difficult to determine if and when Midnight blushes, her dark hue masking any telltale rush of circulation. But she does stir a bit, jostling her new chainery. Quivers of joy perhaps?

I do believe she’d like to say something, but I will not afford her the opportunity until next I run her, partake of her oral skills and penetrate that fine tight rectum... another activity which will bring tantalizing stress to her clitoral chains.

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