Saturday, April 13, 2013

Midnight - Segment XIII

Countering Apprehension

“Your spouse wants to cane me,” a somewhat somnolent Midnight proclaims.

Midnight is in repose, kneeling, belly pressed over the familiar log, upper body prostrate. My semi erect penis continues to rest inside her tight rectum. We let it slowly become flaccid leaving behind a massive discharge of male effluent. I lean, my torso resting on her muscled form for support, my energy temporarily depleted after fucking with fervor. My warming her nakedness is appreciated, the morning air still nippy.

Yes, Midnight remains tight... marvelously tight. With male pride, I ripped her open... and reveled in so doing. My thrusting motion caused her labia to rhythmically dangle back and forth, occasionally brushing my scrotum. This brings to her tantalizing joy and pleasing thoughts for me... that I am seizing male pleasure and, but for faint grazes of her stretched labia, completely  denying her.

The sexual power exchange enthralls.

I recuperate as she advantages herself of moments of permitted speech... ungagged, unbridled, and not gasping for breath.

“It’s Victoria’s thing, Midnight. One cannot deny a woman of her ilk her pleasures. I think deep within you will enjoy. Your prior owner was a woman...”

“She was not overly harsh, Sir. She spared the crop and whip as long as I orally accommodated.”

I laugh, the notion that Midnight thinks she can somehow dictate any form of intercourse amongst her owners brings a degree of drollness.

“It is not within your purview to decide how you will serve... how you will be used, Midnight. Surely you must know that by now.”

I reach beneath, left hand and right each finding a firm pony breast, depleted of most feminine fat through extensive exercise, yet remaining overly sensitive, to both excoriating crop and sensuous touch.

“She’s given to apply bamboo here as well, Midnight” my fingers bringing joy as I feel her tighten in fear.

A moment of silent thought, then Midnight finds words.

“I am not sure I can take that. Not there.”

“Oh, but you will. It is your role to accept what others offer... no matter the pain, the discomfort, the humiliation. You will not have a choice. Picture yourself strapped down, well exposed, offering all to the chastising hand of a Domineering woman. It excites, Midnight. Deep within it arouses you. I know... and in time you will as well.”

Midnight puckers her rectum, squeezing my spent penis and adding a degree of post coitus thrill. In turn, there has been comparatively none for her, of course. Pleasure has been all mine to take.

“I need to be run, Master.”

Reluctantly, I arise, with a ‘plop’ my flaccid penis exiting a well trained anus, my torso no longer warming Midnight’s nakedness. My well fucked pony girl is right, breakfast awaits. Extended moments in the carnal embrace of the Sodomite will bring questions.

A crooked finger slips through Midnight’s nose loop. I force her to stand. I guide, smiling lasciviously in watching a hobbled Midnight hop back to the waiting pony cart, labia rippling with each strained footfall.

“Welts will nicely adorn your black flesh, Midnight.”

As I return my beast to the restraints of the pony cart, clipping the prongs to her hip rings, I recall the persnickety care Mother offered Midnight’s skin, at the time the exacting level of her attentiveness lost on this hormone deluged teen.

Yes, Midnight was sunned regularly, nose loop secured high above to a stanchion in the corral, her entire body exposed to the intense rays of the summer sun. Hour after hour she was made to expose herself in the hot direct rays. As dark as her Rwandan skin was, Mother assured she was further blackened, day after day after day.  

And then there was the effect of ultra violet rays on unprotected pink flesh. Yes, a crop applied to sun burned pink flesh can be quite effective... limited exertion... maximum response.

Before returning the bit, I stand proximate, a finger hooking the nose loop to draw Midnight’s face to my zipper. Without need for a command she cleanses the moist, odorous appendage, the final task of the well trained sodomite. Saving time, I zip myself then press the bit to her lips and draw the slack from the reins.

Such an invigorating view, I think to myself in mounting the cart... though I barely noticed. 

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