Saturday, February 2, 2013

Midnight - Segment III

Returning to the Auction

“Yes, I should enjoy caning these hillocks. I don’t suppose they allow some sample strokes... sort of a test drive?”

Wife Victoria has become infatuated with the enormous divine mounds both mother and me shaped to perfection. Hour after hour running the girl and supervising exhausting treadmill work. Plus of course, there were mother’s injections, male hormones augmenting the rapid development of layer upon layer of muscling.

“No marks. The girls need to be presentable,” my words bringing disappointment.

“Well, we should definitely put in a bid on this one. I’d like to strap her to a bench and hear her scream.”

I smile. The hook is set, my little game progressing.

“She can be harnessed and run... though again no marks. But if you feel strongly, I will have a talk with the auctioneer. It’s possible, if we meet a certain price, she’ll be taken out of bidding. Sort of a bird in hand reasoning.”

Besides, after so many years, I cannot bear the thought of losing Midnight again. She is exquisite. And though her acquisition will not assure eggs benedict, I will surely partake in that other delight which most men cannot get at home.

“I’m not into the pony thing, Dear,” Victoria reminds.

I nod. Victoria just enjoys the application of searing pain. And though my subterfuge is somewhat self serving, Midnight’s mammoth buttocks will more than suffice in satiating my wife’s peccadillo as well. 

“Before pledging the dollars, it is best to assure obedience and some level of training. It’s time consuming... breaking a girl.”

Victoria nods. We’re both dominant libertines but also need to work. She knows as well as I that breaking in raw submissiveness can be draining on one’s time and attention.

“Have your talk. Take your ride. I’ll amuse myself inspecting the other girls. Do you suppose she can talk?”

As stated Midnight is gagged, an imposing broad strip of leather covering the mouth and convincingly buckled at the back of her bald head.

“No way of knowing. She may have been silenced and bears a penis gag just to assure the gag reflex is kept controlled,” I outright prevaricate, knowing full well that Midnight speaks.

“You men and your blow jobs,” Victoria mildly rebukes with a wry smile.

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