Wednesday, November 28, 2012


For free, I have posted the complete manuscript for ‘Madam, Me and It’ on Smashwords ( Here on the Blog it will run for two more parts, Numbers XVIII and XIX on December 1 and December 8.

Also on Smashwords, for $3.25 the first sequel is available, ‘Miss Pletcher’s Farm’ (some 22,000 words) ( Since ‘Madam’ totals some 14,600 words, I am offering good value.

So once again I am experimenting to see just how many of the Smashwords vultures will read for free (scavenge) vs. actually purchasing, i.e. in my view envisioning the prospective reader as hunting and killing his/her prey rather than feasting on road kill.

I am working on a second sequel with a working title I am coming to dislike, so let’s term it unnamed for now. I am having trouble with the ending so I have put it aside which means it will be that much more difficult to complete. But I’ll get there. You readers have much to absorb in the meantime, assuming you’re willing to part with $3.25.

At this writing, ’To Serve Intact’ has been read 996 times on Smashwords with 16 readers buying the follow up. So 980 Smashwords readers don’t know the ending. Amazing! Yes, the term vulture seems apropos, never completing its meal. At 1,000 I am going to unpublish the manuscript, my patience with Smashwords readers wearing in terms of trying to attract commercial interest to my stuff.


scott Kelly said...

Hi Chris,

I've been enjoying Madam, Me, and It. Count me as one who has made the purchase of the Miss Pletcher sequel!


Mrs. Kelly's Playhouse

Mark Fischer said...

I am one of the other grateful purchasers and I will certainly be purchasing Chris' new sequel. I can't wait to read more of his excellent work.

Chris Bellows said...

Thank you all for your support and pardon my ranting.

'To Serve Intact' has been unpublished on Smashwords after exactly 1,000 downloads. Still available on Lulu.

Hope you enjoy Miss Pletcher's Farm.



Anonymous said...

I just purchased Miss Pletcher's Farm and I am very much enjoying it. Thank you for another exciting tale!

Anonymous said...

miss pletchers farm looks like my kind of story hope it becomes available on kindle