Thursday, September 20, 2012

Amazon employees can read! (see comments for update)

Just received this note forwarded from the publisher of much of my stuff, Pink Flamingo...


We’re contacting you regarding the following book(s) that you submitted for sale in our Kindle Store:

Laura Davidson, Keeper of Men (ID: B004DNW4EK)

During our review process, we found that your book contains content that is in violation of our content guidelines. As a result, we will not be offering this book for sale.

Our content guidelines are published on the Kindle Direct Publishing website.

To learn more, please see:

Best regards,

Kindle Direct Publishing

So you Kindle users should be comforted that Amazon is protecting you from stuff you should not be reading.

And to think we fear government censorship...


FionaThomas said...

Actually, Chris, we found out the issue. It was the cover. We took it down, replaced it with a blank page with text until we can find something else. Morons.

Chris Bellows said...

Amazon employees don’t like to look at naughty depictions!

Thank you for the clarification, Fiona.

Fiona is with Pink Flamingo and should be given much credit for having the patience to deal with Amazon and its bureaucracy.

Fiona, I shall not again be so quick to attribute any literary skills to Amazon and its employees.


FionaThomas said...

By all means, feel free to criticize them all you want. I do, every day.

With Amazon, I honestly think it depends on who the reviewer is once you publish. If you get the wrong person, your book gets kicked off. Their content guidelines are so vague it's a wonder anything gets published.