Saturday, April 21, 2012

'To Serve Intact' VIII

The Colonel finally finished her painful modifications. She departs leaving me yoked and strapped in the gynecological chair. Brandi enters and for the ensuing hour or two my body is methodically defoliated of all hair. Powerful chemicals bring me to the preferred glabrous presentation, augmenting my sense of nakedness.

Finally I am returned to a set of ankle shackles and again leashed. Released from the chair, I know to remain obedient and follow the soft effeminate hand of Brandi. With wrists well restrained, I am defenseless. I keep in mind that a mere child is able to inject me with the Emperor’s painless yet effective cocktail of death.

He/she leads into a special room. It is barren but for items hanging on a far wall and one piece of machinery. A metal vertical track runs from floor to ceiling. There is a hook emanating at shoulder height. I note it is attached to a chain within the rails of the track.

Brandi positions me standing adjacent to the rails and the hook.

"Stay," the soft, high pitched voice commands.

She then retrieves a short cable from the wall, some two feet in length and returns. One end of the cable hooks to my nose ring, the other is attached to the hook on the curious device. Then the leash is removed and Brandi returns to the wall where a thick cloth hood hangs in wait.

I am shocked when, to the sound of machinery, the hook begins to slide downward. I of course must follow, bending at the knees. As the hook and the opposing end of the cable lowers to the floor I must kneel, my head and face lower as well, heedful of any stress on my newly implanted nose ring.

Brandi wordlessly places the hood over my head, blinding me, an opening at the mouth and nose. She adjusts and finally connects snaps below my chin to hold it in place. Then I hear her bare feet pad to the door and she exits, leaving me forced to kneel in darkness.

"The start of obedience training," the now familiar voice of the Colonel booming over speakers from above.

"You will move when the control device moves. It is completely random and will have you stand, have you kneel, and at times permit you to lie down. But you will never know when and for how long you will be held in any one position. You will just obey, letting your mind go blank... your only task to move in response to tension on the cable."

And for days, other then urinating, defecating and eating... all under Brandi’s tutelage... that is indeed what I do.


And so I am trained by a deviantly designed piece of machinery to subordinate myself, mentally and physically. Thus I am grateful to be able to lie even in bondage, grateful for the padding beneath me. When I transgress, minor transgressions, the mat is removed and I sleep on the hard wood. I thus revel in having a simple layer of softness beneath.

With the intense milking of my prostate I soon slumber, my hormones adjusted. I do not know, never know, when I will again be released. At some point I will be fed. At some point exercised. But it is never within my purview to know when or how. My will is depleted, only the well instilled need to please and serve remaining.

Then I am stirred to wakefulness by the feeding hands of Brandi. My hands never to be fully mobile, she spoons soft highly nourishing mush into my mouth. I am also well watered, control over my bladder deemed important to the constant subjugation. Thus it is to be kept filled. With the tight infibulating bag tie forcing closed my foreskin, I cannot urinate without assistance, without the fingers which keep me in chastity offering momentary freedom.

Yes, just as my Master proclaimed many months ago... ‘your penis has two functions. I will control both,’ I will lie for hours aching in need, learning to patiently await the caring hands of Master’s servant to release my penis tip from its sheath.

Finished masticating, sleep returns, yet I know within an hour or two functioning kidneys will bring the expected dire urge. Then I will awaken and hope that Brandi is merciful.

Meanwhile I dream... dreams of torment and being dropped into a pit of feminine control...

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