Saturday, December 24, 2011

'Power Series' ends

This concludes the 'Power' series.

Hope all have enjoyed. 28,000 words of free stuff, as qualitative as I can make it.

Comments are welcomed as always.

For ease of reading, the entire series is now available for free on Lulu.

Currently writing a Fem/fem story, book length, with a smattering of dominant male action. Forced lactation theme... my quill not tussling with such subject matter since 'Ship of Remorse'.

Anyone have interest?

Have a good Christmas.




EDWARD said...

I am interested,Fem/Fem is my favorite read and lactation,I cannot wait.Hopefully there will be some swollen nipples to punish.

len said...

Ending seems a tad abrupt, like neither here nor there, I think it could do with an epilogue of sorts. Maybe fast forward a few months or years, throw in a little twist or simply confirm our dark fantasies. Something like what you did with The anguished male.

I am also surprised that you receive practically no comments or feedback on your stories. I am sure you get tons of visitors. I find them particularly well written. Controversial, sure, some themes downright abhorrent, but I really cannot find fault with your prowess with the pen.

Are people afraid of being condemned for being associated with your site or something? For me, the reason why I don't comment more often is because I literally don't know what I can say beyond "Good job!" or "Well-written as always" without it sounding stale or rehashed.

I dunno, your writing evokes conflicting emotions in me. On one hand, I should feel repulsed by the deeds committed in your stories (and sometimes, I am), yet on the other hand, I cannot help but wish that just for that moment, I was the poor, hapless victim.

Regardless, keep writing and keep...? Anyone help me out here with a suitable verb?

Anonymous said...

I also would like to say that your writing is great. I've always enjoyed your themes and look forward to your stories. Forced lactation and/or male milking are high on my list of titillating topics. I can't wait!

Merry Christmas!

Chris Bellows said...

Thank you for all the feed back.

The ‘Power Series’ was intended to be a short story and just progressed, so I never had a clever thought provoking ending in mind when I began it (as opposed longer endeavors). Sorry to disappoint in that respect.

Visitors to the site have been a little light this week. Lots of traveling I am sure. But in general the site averages about 100visitors per day and for the last two months averaged 160-180 on Saturdays when a story segment is posted. I have no idea how this compares to other sites. But it is indeed curious that more people do not comment. I know stuff is being read.

And, yes, there is a degree of gratification knowing that my stuff tends to shock and that some find horror. Glad to learn len identifies with the characters. A goal accomplished for me.

One of my books, ‘Becoming Miss Ashley’s Pet’ I think, got panned on a site termed ‘Good Reads’. It’s for bibliophiles and I found it humorous that someone would post a review of a manuscript intended to stimulate and arouse (the kinky) on such a serious site with such earnest readers. (They probably read with two hands, something few CB readers do). The female reviewer found disgust and will not read another CB story. For me, it’s like having a book banned in Boston (giving away my age with that observation). Such condemnation, if anything, increased demand for prurient stories years ago.

Ok, to keep the momentum going I will post some segments of the forthcoming book, ‘The Clinic’, beginning on Saturday 12/31.

Merry Christmas to all.



James said...

I am an avid reader of your stuff but don't often post comments. Probably because like Len I don't want to keep posting the same old comments (sorry, haven't got a verb for you). I would suppose that the fact that I am one of those one to two hundred visitors who read you every week must stand as some sort of comment, if not as eloquent as perhaps you might like.
Please keep on doing what you do so well. If you post it, I'll read it; if you print it, I'll buy it. BTW I'm one of those weird new ebook readers.