Sunday, November 13, 2011


By the way, in reviewing my latest royalty statement, there seems to be an outbreak amongst Kindle users... many, many books sold through Amazon.

Either the readers of erotica have discovered ebooks... or the lovers of ebooks have discovered erotica.

Personally I find limited enjoyment in reading electronically... even printing out hard copies of my own stuff for proofreading. But the world is changing.

So if you are a Kindle user, lots of my stuff available from Amazon.


len said...

Hmm...Perhaps it is more inconspicuous to read your books on an ebook reader rather than tot around a physical copy with a rather incriminating cover/title?

I agree that (for me at least) nothing replaces the sheer pleasure of reading a paper book, but for today's generation, who knows?

Anonymous said...

The number of erotica / kink ebooks on Amazon is absolutely exploding over the last twelve months or so. It's part of an industrywide trend, actually - for those who are looking, it's obvious that print media is dying out, and fast.

Chris Bellows said...

For me it's a case of many fast nickels versus a few slow dimes.

The royalty on some Kindle sales goes as low as $.42, not worth pursuing but for the power of the internet and the computer bringing forth a revenue stream which indeed amounts to a reasonable sum... and without an ounce of effort on my part.

If I had to arrange for every publishing agreement, preparing for electronic publication, etc. it would not be worth while.

But alas it is all somehow done without me. So it works.