Monday, September 19, 2011

'96 Months' XXIV

The Countess took me into the stable and hitched me to the cart. She connected me to the front of the long pole which left an open space of about three feet between my backside and where she stood in the cart. She removed the thin gold chains which ran from my nose ring through my ear rings to the neck band. In their place were two long strands of leather, one connected to the nose ring, through, the ear ring on the right side, through a ring on the neck band and back to the cart. The other leather strand went through similar rings on my left.

"I won’t make you wear a bit today. It takes several sessions to become accustomed to the breathing when wearing one. Your nose ring will suffice. When I pull left you go left. Right when I pull right. Pulling both means slower. A sharp pull means stop. The whip will indicate when to start and speed up."

She left the stable and returned minutes later carrying a cloth bag. She had changed clothes from her tight soft leather skirt and halter and was now wearing what appeared to be a short white tennis outfit. Rex followed her from the house.

From her bag she retrieved a simple short length of soft leather, about five inches long. She knelt down and tied one end to my clitoral ring, letting the remaining four inches dangle between my legs.

I soon learned that the open space behind me on the pole (where Twelve had been tethered when Lantita took us out) worked to the Countess’s advantage. She was afforded full use of the long whip, where Lantita could only use a short one on the second pony. Again, the Countess’s strokes were crisp, well aimed and effective. There was no doubt that she was in control and it soon became second nature for me to respond to the tugs of the reins and crack of the whip. The cart was very heavy and the Countess was a large, well developed women, but after countless snaps, mainly on my breasts we attained a satisfactory speed. Rex scampered along beside me.

"Keep your knees apart, Little One, show me your diamonds. I want to see them sparkle in the sun."

It was an awkward way to run. Bent at the waist with legs apart, I learned that the Countess was right about the required use of different muscles. My bells were ringing in step with my feet as we found a good challenging pace. The devilish leather cord hanging from my clitoris swung in cadence with the bells and the small gold chains pulled at my labia rings. I found that I was slowly masturbating myself with each step, and the occasional sting of the whip spurred me on to keep the cord swinging. The Countess was a wizard at pony training. I was truly working very hard to please her and maintain the pleasurable sensation in my clitoris My breathing was heavy, sweat pored down my legs and my wet feet picked up dry particles of sand. The Countess had expertly brought me to a demanding but sustainable rhythm and she indeed was working me into a lather. My trainer seemed gratified and I, in turn felt a glow in performing for her.

After an hour of weaving through the paths of the farm, the Countess directed me toward the oasis and picnic area. There she stopped the cart and inspected me, smoothing her hands over my stomach and legs. She slipped her hand between my thighs and felt for my the labia rings. Inserting two fingers into my pussy she wriggled them about and laughed.

"Goodness, Little One. You’re gushing. Doesn’t the Princess masturbate you?"

It had been three weeks since my last visit to Abdul and I was indeed in need of relief. I indicated as such to the Countess.

"Well. You’ve been good. Let’s take care of that. But first, empty your bladder for me like a good pony girl"

She was holding apart my lips as she spoke and her request came as a surprise. In the stable I just let myself go on the tiled floor as did the livestock and in the house Paul or Paula held the urn under me. Having her hold me there was strange but over the past few hours I had become accustomed to her control and somehow felt comforted as she toyed with a nipple with her free hand. I soon splattered the sandy soil with my fluid and she aimed the flow away from my feet.

"Very good."

Next she held a water jug for me to drink and spooned some of the farm’s special mush into my mouth. She was quite delicate and caring and she inspected my reddened breasts while I ate.

"Your skin takes nicely to the whip, Little One. The years of caning have produced a ruggedness and durability most pony girls don’t have."

Rex sat and watched attentively, ready to jump at any command. He seemed very interested in me and I could tell he was specially trained to attend to ponies.

"Why don’t you take a swim with Rex?"

She unhooked me from the cart.

"Rex. Swim!"

She pointed to the pond and Rex instantly began barking and growling. I began to walk toward the water and he nipped at my leg.

"When outdoors, Rex always keeps his ponies running, Little One. And don’t touch yourself."

The Countess read my mind as it was one of the few times my hands were free. I ran to the pond with Rex barking and he forced me straight into the water. It was cold! The oasis must feed from deep below the surface. But then, the desert temperature was well into the nineties therefore any liquid would feel cold by comparison. My nipples immediately hardened but the cold felt good on my excoriated skin. Rex swam also. I had to be very careful wearing the steel bands. The added weight made it difficult to stay afloat. The Countess sat on a rock with the cloth bag. I could see her retrieving things and hanging cords from the branch above her.

It was a very pleasant morning and the swim continued I contemplated the differing styles of control and domination between the Countess and the Princess. I feared the Princess and therefore obeyed. With the Countess I wanted to obey and she provided a girl with just the right incentives to want to obey. But with both women, obedience was attained.

Rex and I swam for about twenty minutes. The freedom of movement was a rare treat. The Princess was a firm believer in restraint and I hadn’t slept in a prone position much less been allowed to move about for years. Finally the Countess called to Rex and the canine in turn herded me back toward to cart. My freedom was short lived.

I trotted to the Countess. She was sitting on a rock with two strong ropes hanging from a tree limb above her. But I was shocked to see a large dildo strapped around her exposed right thigh just above the knee. It was big and thick pointing straight to the sky.

"Over here, Little One. I have a treat for you."

She beckoned to me as my trot slowed in confusion. Rex nipped me and I sped up.

"You’re going on a ride. Come on, you’ll enjoy it."

The Countess spread her legs and guided me to stand straddling her right thigh. She attached a rope to a ring on each side of my neck band. She had various "D" clamps ready and she very gently reached around and lubricated my rectum.

Satisfied with the condition of my back passage, she clamped my wrist cuffs behind my back and spoke.

"Abdul tells me you enjoy having your backside used. Well, I’m going to show you a special little amusement I reserve only for good pony girls."

She tightened and adjusted the ropes then slowly brought up her thigh until the tip of the thick rubber phalanx met my blue tattooed orifice.

"Be good and take it. You’ll enjoy it. I promise."

Over the years of programmed stretching my once tight grotto opened and the head slipped in with minimal discomfort. She pulled, tightening the ropes more with her strong arms and the tip of dildo slipped out a little as my body rose. She then raised her thigh a little, reinserting the rubber manhood. Next she pulled up my right ankle and clamped it back to my waist band. When she picked up the left ankle, my weight shifted so that I hung from the neck band, then forced to assume a kneeling position, I was slowly impaled as she raised her thigh and slid in more of the dildo. It was a strangely helpless, but somewhat pleasurable sensation. My labia pressed against the smooth flesh of her thigh. Feeling her warmth I couldn’t help rubbing my neglected pussy against her leg.

"Yes, Little One. Use the Countess’s leg. Go ahead enjoy."

Being so encouraged I bucked forward and back, frottaging on her leg. After a few seconds she lowered her thigh which simultaneously retracted the dildo and increased the tension on my neck. The pleasure was sensational and I looked straight into her smiling face and could tell she reveled in the control she had. Next she slowly raised her thigh, thus fucking my anus with the dildo attached to her leg. With just this double action I could have ridden all day and climaxed over and over. But then she reached down and grabbed the little leather strap attached to my clitoral ring. I thought I would faint as she held it and countered my forward and back frottaging motion with the slightest of yanks on the strap.

"Yes, Little One. We call this the pony ride back at the farm. A little pony gets to ride the trainers knee. My girls aren’t ringed like you but suitable stimulus to the clitoris is easily found."

Up. Down. Forward. Back. Visions of riding on my father’s knee when I was a child crossed my mind. I supposed the similar posture and position were intentionally conceived by the Countess. After all, the psychological side of dominance is as important as the physical.

I could feel my juices begin to run down my thighs and I could only imagine how wet the Countess’s thigh was. Rex was barking and becoming quite excited, with my scent I supposed.

The Countess began to exaggerate her leg motion and the full length of the dildo was sliding in and out of my once tight rectum. She felt my orgasm coming before I did. Her left hand began toying with my right nipple. Pinching. Twisting. Pulling. I opened my mouth and let out a loud groan. Then a cry. It was then that she leaned forward and took my left nipple in her mouth. I gasped for breath. She bit my left nipple, pinched my right and gave the clitoral strap a brisk pull. I clenched my thighs around hers and could feel a stream of fluid escape. I cried out again as the enormous orgasm cascaded through my entire nervous system.

"Oh. Yes Little One. Attack my leg. Crush the big penis between your buttocks. This is as good as it gets. Restrained and forced to make love to my thigh and a rubber phalanx. Come on give me more. You’re not done yet."

I wasn’t. Two more clenches, not as strong as the first, but seemingly as pleasurable. The flow gushed.

I think I swooned. All motion seemed to slow and then stop. My chin fell to the neck band . This was the position I assumed every night when sleep gratefully overcame my unending torment. But it had never happened during the day.

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