Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ingrid Bellemare

Just read on the blog associated with the book 'Owning and Training a Male Slave', (http://www.male-slavery.com) that the author, Ingrid Bellemare, died of a stroke a few weeks ago.

I read the book and found it to be a plausible real life account of owning a subordinate male.

But then when I sent emails, asking a question or two, and making a suggestion for a possible sequel, I never received a word in response.

So, a degree of skepticism always prompted me to ask myself if she was a real person.

As one blogger cleverly quipped, yes she probably died of a stroke of the pen, the real author tiring of the subterfuge.

Any way, no need for skepticism with my stuff, the stories are all fiction.

New book completed, I will post some snippets. But overall I am underwhelmed by the responses and feedback I receive.


JHoltgym said...

i loved the Ingrid book....and especially that "free" pdf on ultimate chastity....amazing text and illustrations that one....
that said, (my opinion obviously), anyone who takes/took IB as "real" might seek counseling......
Chris, you're stuff is great....i respectfully suggest that if you want more regular feedback, you blog more regularly....
welcome back!

Chris Bellows said...

Never went away. Write almost every day. But posting stuff without feedback gets tiresome.

Real or not, I twice emailed IB, or whomever, suggesting that the Judge, referenced in her circle of Dominant women with slave husbands/companions, would make an ideal subject for follow up.

If fake, I would think that a response, leading me futher into the fantasy, would have better continued the ruse.

If real, I would think a response rebuking me, as male, for having the temertity to contact her and make suggestions to be in order.

Yet, no response, thus I remain perplexed, the subterfuge not overly well thought out.

saratoga said...

Dear Chris-

Re Ingrid, I agree with you. I always felt there was a sense of artifact and falseness about the story. The sort of details which are typical in male FemDom writing, but not so much by Dominas.

Btw, I own several of your PF ebooks, and love them. Love the blog as well. Will add it to my own's link list.


Becky said...

I exchanged several emails with Ingrid, complementing her on her excellent book "Owning and training a male slave."

I also wrote to her, shortly before she passed away, to suggest that she changes the expression she's been using "non-consensual slavery" which I felt has turned off many potential readers. I explained that what she really meant by it was that the slavery is consented to once and the decision is irreversible. That's like signing a recording contract for ten years. If you breech it in the middle, you suffer a huge penalty.

Rest in peace, Ingrid. You were a wonderful woman and a fine example for women and girls who hopefully will realize their power and never settle for less than their full entitlement.

Chris Bellows said...


Happy to learn she communicated with someone.

Thought I had some good ideas for her... but alas, I have a penis thus was probably deemed unworthy.


DOUG said...

The Mistress died in August of 2010.

DOUG said...

Mistress Ingrid died in August of 2010

Chris Bellows said...


Thank you for the belated comment.

Not June 2010? There seems to be a discrepancy in dates.