Sunday, March 21, 2010

An interesting exchange

I just exchanged emails with a woman of Dominance and received an interesting reaction.

this is partially what she requested/suggested in her post...

I'm looking for a man who, in his vanilla life, is assertive and successful, smart and witty and interesting. But when you really look closely at yourself you know there is something more, something missing. Something that very likely took you a long time to acknowledge and accept but something you now know is extremely important.

I wrote referencing my early experiences at the pediatrician's office (see October 13, 2008 posting) which I suspect became the catalyst for my hyperactive kinky mind. This was a good faith response to her posting which suggested that replies to her explain the nature of one's submissiveness and attraction to a woman of authority.

In telling my background to the best of my recollection (I was 3-4 years of age), she termed it 'a creepy story' and I was succinctly dismissed.

Can one retell true events without becoming tainted?

If the woman thought it was a fictional account, she has not come close to experiencing the brunt of the Chris Bellows debaucherous mind when it comes to creating erotic D/s fiction!

Any way, my advice to people who post on the internet seeking non vanilla relationships... leave open your mind. There are many layers, many subsets. It is what makes exploring in this genre (I will think of a better term later) so wonderfully exciting.

Be aware of what it is you seek. You desire something different.. on the internet you shall receive such.


Susie said...

I recall reading your account of going to the doctor at that age. I thought it was quite salacious and thinking about it I still think it is.....(you know)...
But you are correct. Be careful what you ask for.
Someone asked me about some of my fantasies and fetishes..When I reluctantly shared, I was called weird. Go figure!
Rock on CB!

Chris Bellows said...


Thank you for your input.

Yes, I find it curious that a woman seeking a male submissive would first induce a discussion concerning the roots of submission then offer judgemental responses.

I later related another story to her and she suggested I had a problem in that I enjoyed writing 'creepy' stories.

She is unaware of course that this 'problem' has given rise to some 2,000,000 words of erotica.

When I recall the very early visits to the pediatricians office, I envision most the wonderfully imperious nurse. So much in charge and apparently so much enjoying controlling boys. The age factor, which I suppose shocked her, is not an element of the story that excites and I assume that is what creeped her out.

Again thank you for the input.



AFare24Get said...

It's always the 'ones' who seek or believe they are open-minded who are the first ones to run from true deviations & depravity.

Bless your honesty ... mine pathway began at a young age too, but more on that another day.