Thursday, June 4, 2009

Latest Effort XI - Removed

'The Humbled' will be published by Pink Flamingo some time in late August.


What demanding woman shouldn’t have a collection of foreskins?


JHoltgym said...

very nice Chris....i'd hope that you ensure that your pirate screams repeatedly and his anguish is happily ignored by the Ladies

Jane said...

I've read all the chapters and I don't feel emotionally connected to the domme or the pirate. I don't feel there is any connection emotionally between the domme and the pirate, for her to do this to him. Perhaps it is in the unread portion of the book. IMHO
To be fair, I have read 24 of CB's stories and loved them all.

Chris Bellows said...

Nice to see some comments and learn that i am not writing into cyberspce.

Jane, be assured the character of Dr. El (Elvira Hopkins) is well developed. The circumcision is tangential, building the awe and apprenhension of the captive males.

Jim, thanks for the input.

I suspect I'll have this story ready for publication in mid July, the snippets come down.


Anonymous said...

I was squirming when I read this and I am afraid I did not find this in anyway erotic.

Rex_talbot at yahoo com

Chris Bellows said...

Sorry Rex. Does all feminine power bring distress?

If so, my stuff may not serve to entertain.