Saturday, June 18, 2022

'Maternal Care' Segment III

 “You’re not obeying me. It is not good to ignore your Nanny,” the melodic, pleasant voice brings Derrick from his recollections.

Remaining both enraged and frustrated from the afternoon’s revelations, now learning his wife has left on an extended vacation... with men who ‘sing, dance and fuck all day and night’... greeted in his own home by a pretentious yet seemingly matronly woman, Derrick is mentally exhausted. He knows he should fight, resist, but mustering the mental energy is trying.

“I need a drink,” starting to step past the woman of determination.

His Nanny moves to block his path.

“You’re not obeying. And there is no alcohol. Your wife gave me directions... and the key to the wine cellar. It has a new lock and all spirits have been removed from the kitchen and diningroom,” Nanny’s arms going to fold about her chest in a stance of authority. 

The standoff of many moments finally ends, Nanny’s face turning to a smile of triumph, the resistence of Derrick Mason slowly ebbing. She knows this... Derrick realizes. She knows he is emotionally out of bullets.

“You’ve had a trying day, Derrick. Take off your clothes. I am here for you. I will bathe you... nice hot, soapy water. This is what I do. And if you’re a good boy I have something you very much like.”   

With that, the arms unfold, hands going to the front of the thick white cloth of Nanny’s blouse. Fingers curl at the vertical seam running from neck to her waist. The hands pull. To the sound of a rip, Derrick finds the blouse does not button, but instead the garment separates, Velcro binding easily yielding to reveal beneath a brassiere, partial cups supporting mammary glands of size and... in Derrick’s mind... exquisite proportion... nipples protruding forth in invitation.

“Yes, good boys get a reward,” Nanny smiling brightly. “You may taste your Nanny... but not when you’re clothed. And I have something that makes your Nanny taste very good.”

Right hand to the pocket of her skirt, Nanny retracts a small jar, making a show of slowly unscrewing the lid, letting Derrick stare in lust, ignoring as a finger dips into a gooey substance then goes to right nipple then left to libidinously coat sentient flesh of dark reddish-brown.

“You’ll come to very much enjoy suckling your Nanny. Honey... and a very special ingredient.”

An entranced Derrick steps forth, head lowering, lips approaching. Such an inspiring end to a day from hell.

“No, no. Your clothes. And I need to show you how to tether your wrists for me.”

Nanny steps back, sending a message of denial. But she also returns the jar to her pocket and removes her blouse. Derrick has not before seen such a bra, the partial cups making the glands jut forth in welcome... beseeching attention.

Any remaining feistiness further ebbs. A part of him suggests continued defiance. Such erodes quickly.

“No drink. Well, I guess a hot bath will be... ah... nice,” his tone one of agreement.

“I will make you clean... and presentable. And we’ll talk. I think there are many things you’d like to tell your Nanny.”        

Not having any idea of what that may be, Derrick reaches and loosens his tie.

“Good boy. When you enter the house, just leave all your clothing here on the chair. Folded neatly. Good boys, keep things neat for their Nanny,” the voice now coming as soothing, Derrick continuing to undress, mesmerized by the enticement of such beauteous, firm and attractive breasts.

The nipples glisten with the sticky substance, seeming to beg for oral caress... to be licked clean and suckled.  

Shoes, slacks, socks, shirt... there comes pause as Derrick stands before the woman in just undershorts. Penis engorging, he realizes that complete nudity will spur full erection.

“You’ll not be bathed in your underwear... and you’ll not suckle. And if you have a nice stiffy for me, I’m sure you’d like to show it to me. As I said Derrick, I have had many boys... many years... seen what they have for me.”

A ‘stiffy’. Derrick imagines the woman... Nanny... chuckling in having young males so priapicly react to a fully clothed woman, now condescending in presenting her glands in coaxing his cooperation.    

Slowly, Derrick drops his undershorts. As he steps out of his remaining garb, he sheepishly notes he is fully erect.

“All you boys so much enjoy showing off for your Nanny. Well we’ll take care of that. You’ll be showing off for me... but when and how I want... not when you want,” the words coming with a knowing chuckle.

Nanny steps to the table, picking up the strips of vinyl.

“Now I’m going to show you how to do this just once. Then you’ll be doing it every time you step through the door. House rules... your Nanny’s orders.”

Nanny encircles the right wrist, threading the tip of one end of the strip through the small opening of the opposing end.

“Now place the index finger of your left hand on your right wrist. Yes, good boy. I will tighten a little bit, then you lean and finish tightening, pulling the end with your teeth. Leave your finger in place.”

Derrick complies, lowering his head, opening his mouth then biting and pulling. The circle of vinyl tightens.

“Good boy. Now slip out your finger. Yes, see, tight but not cutting off your circulation... yet not to be slipped off. Now you do your left wrist for me,” handing Derrick the second strip.

As Derrick pauses in thought, the revelation coming that he is preparing himself to be bound, a meaty, soft and warm hand goes to his pubes, first cupping his scrotum then rising to briefly palpate his erection.

“You’re tiny here Derrick, as your wife explained to me. I can see why she wants to spend some time in the islands. The boys are big down there. A woman needs some deep penetration from time to time... some more than others, ha, ha, ha.”

Can there come words of protest? Denial? Refute his size? Not while standing naked and erect. There can be no countering his Nanny’s assessment of his four inches. Instead Derrick saddens.

“Don’t be gloomy, Derrick. Every boy has a role. You just won’t be pleasing your wife... not as she deserves to be pleased. Finish up. It’s bath time. I’m going to make you feel very good... and look good. Then you can suckle and I’ll feed you.”

The contrasting emotions distract. Derrick finds his hands and fingers working as instructed, encircling his left wrist, right index finger pressing, teeth pulling. He knows not where all this will lead. But there is an inclination to yield to this woman. The day has been one battle and then another. He surrenders, eyes once again going to large, reddish-brown inviting nipples.  

“Arms back.”

Seeming to be in a trance, Derrick complies, hearing a ‘click, click’ as a double ‘D’ clamp, coming from nowhere, binds together the cable ties about his wrists.

“Such a good boy. Such a nice stiff penis.”


MarvelousMouthMuscle said...

This story is fantastic and exciting me so much. I can't wait to see where it is headed!

Anonymous said...

Great beginning, enjoyed Segment III very much. Glad to see SPH will play a part. Glad to see your still writing!

Anonymous said...

Glad you are enjoying