Saturday, November 20, 2021

'Alexandra Morris', Segment II

Returning to the stable door, a garden hose offers a quick douche. Watching Robert’s erection instantly shrivel with the cooling spray offers a placating sense of control. The infibulating clasp is returned. Steed Robert hardens only at Miss Alex’s behest.

Into the basement stable, the well subdued human steed meekly follows the guiding gentle tugs of the testicle leash. He docilely stands within the web of cables and straps. Miss Alex, so often handling captive males at Mother Morris’s island paradise, quickly reverses her steed’s emancipation... hood and chest strap first. Once in place Robert knows to lift right leg then left for the thigh straps and to surrender himself for a night of bondage.  

“Good boy,” Miss Alex offers, master to dog, in refilling her wine glass.

She sips then begins the nightly ablutions. As with any equine, Robert is bathed, a soaped chamois smoothing over his golden brown flesh. The deed is soothing for Alexandra, a subtle manner of expressing her ownership... a car buff polishing her rare and exotic automobile. The task could be thought of as menial. And indeed, the minions who report to her in her office would be pleasantly surprised in knowing of her twice daily cleansings... the boss lady more or less scrubbing the hallway floors. But the intimacy is appreciated. As owner she is aware of every inch of flesh... every mark....every blemish. And when it comes time for the complete body shave, there can be no further comeuppance for the virile male then to have his reproductive organs fastidiously brought to glabrousness, fingers palpating and examining as they work.

“You do have nice testicles, Robert. Quite plump. So on Saturday I may masturbate you. Make sure all these potent and well subjugated glands remain working for me.”

“Thank you Miss Alex.”   

Lastly comes the head... and the need to remove the blinding hood.

“Hold your head still and level, Robert,” Miss Alex unhooking the cable holding his cranium steady. “I’ll be quick,” knowing the neck muscles tire.

“Yes, Ma’am. But I like looking at you.”

“And I enjoy looking at you,” finger’s peeling the thick Spandex garb.

Yes, the visual thrill of the naked male brings exhilaration. Particularly when vulnerable and well bound.

“Perhaps less know... under the hood,” the suggestion impertinent but so humbly expressed.

“No Robert. As has been explained, depriving you of sight is important for your sense of complete submission to me,” the explanation coming as Robert blinks and labors to adjust his eyes to the room light. “And it mandates that you better listen and focus on my controlling hand when I’ve leashed you. And you do want to focus on my control.”

“Oh yes Ma’am.”

“Plus it enhances your sense of smell, taste... and touch,” the latter word coming as a hand lowers and playfully diddles right nipple and left, smiling in seeing the nubs instantly crinkle in response.    

Miss Alex returns to the task at hand, soaping the head and face and smoothing about the straight edged razor.

She is dishearteningly quick. Robert is returned to sightlessness within moments.

“You’ll be permitted to see on Saturday. Harness you and take you for a nice long jaunt to the peek,” sensing Robert’s disappointment. 

“That would be very nice Miss Alex. Will I be able to look at you... you know... like on the island?”

“You mean bottomless... like when I was a little girl? You males are such hounds.”

“Yes, I guess so.”

“Those days of rutting are over, Robert. Mother had her little penchants... but she’s gone... and the island is gone.”

“It’s sad Miss Alex.”

“Yes. But I kept you. You’re safe and well cared for Robert.”

“Yes, thank you Ma’am.”

The exchange comes as the cable is reattached to the back of the hood, returning the naked human steed to suspension, lying helplessly prostrate above the cement floor

“I’ll get your dinner. Then you can have a nice sleep. Tomorrow is Friday,” having to remind in that her steed cannot possible track the days... not to mention the time. “So an easy two miles on the treadmill.”

“Can you loosen the clasp a little so... you know...”

“No. You always miss the bucket and make a mess on the floor. Besides I enjoy having your bodily functions under feminine control. And you do to. You’ll urinate for me in the morning.” 

Hands reach, the left tenderly smoothing down the covered cheek, the right returning to toy with right nipple then left. Robert squirms. Alexandra knows it to be a sign of appreciation.

“And no more talking. I’ve got to feed you then feed myself.”

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